Ivovoani Bush Farm Day Trip

The Ivovoani Bush Farm is a community-based assisted naturally regenerating Northern Acacia-Commiphora Bushlands and Thickets area located at Ivovoani, Nthaani Village in the Makueni County. Surrounded by peasants’ farms, the 5-acre Ivovoani Bush Farm had been previously overexploited by neighbours who cut all the trees on the property for charcoal.


On Ivovoani Bush Farm Day Trip, you will travel to the Ivovoani Bush Farm where you can engage in the following activities:

  • Nature walks in the regenerating woodland
  • Bird watching
  • Collecting seeds
  • Broadcasting and planting seeds in the rainy season
  • Tree planting in the rainy season
  • Replacing exotic plants with indigenous varieties
  • Yoga in the bush
  • Picnic
  • Culture village walks
  • Local market tour
  • Climbing the Nthaani Hills



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