Our Customers

Our guests are backpackers, gappers, volunteers, students, researchers, professors, cyclists, bikers, models, business travelers, honeymooners, travel bloggers, vacationers, overlanders and independent travelers transiting through the JKIA airport.

We have hosted customers on game viewing safaris, mountain trekking expeditions, on beach vacations, visiting family, going for shopping in Dubai or China, driving or riding overland, buying supplies in Nairobi, attending conferences and classes in Nairobi, transiting through the JKIA airport or who just wanted to sleep a few day.

Our customers come from every continent on the planet. From Spain to South Africa, Nigeria to New Zealand, Japan to Brazil, USA to UAE and everywhere in between.

The Safari Homestay is the sleepover location of choice for low budget travelers transiting through the JKIA airport who wish to avoid the traffic gridlock in and out of downtown Nairobi.

We are pleased to assist independent travelers achieve their travel objectives.